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A contemporary timepiece which has been hand crafted using traditional horological skills, the Rudis Sylva RS11 Pink Gold watch is a visually compelling proposition. Not limited to its beautifully executed aesthetics, the piece is equipped with the technically complex Harmonious Oscillator, a mechanism which enables instantaneous correction of timekeeping errors in the vertical position, and the timekeeping ability of the watch is such that it defies the effects of Earth’s gravity on accuracy. Developed by Rudis Sylva, this patented device which is characterised by a unique arrangement of two linked toothed balances driven by a single escapement, creates a new benchmark for physical resonance within the confines of a watchcase and is considered to be such a significant watchmaking milestone that it has been compared with Breguet’s tourbillon. The RS11 Pink Gold showcases the mechanism within an exceptional setting exhibiting excellent craftsmanship throughout.

An independent watchmaking company which by its very name pays homage to the creation of watchmaking in the Jura region, Rudis Sylva have become vanguards for métiers d’art techniques, by highlighting the collaborative skills of artisan watchmaking in the area. The development of their Harmonious Resonance is considered by many in the industry to be a significant technical advancement in progressive watchmaking and it is without doubt a triumphant achievement for such a small scale independent company.

The watch resides in a case of 18ct pink gold measuring 43.5mm across. A high polish finish heightens the pleasure of its square-formed profile, while the sculpted crown is embellished with the company’s distinctive logo of a trio of fir trees upon three mountains.

The dial is of a multi-level design, and with almost the entire façade openworked it provides a fascinating aspect of the mechanical minutiae of the movement.  The lower sector of the face is, of course, dominated by the revolutionary Harmonious Oscillator, an invention which quite literally makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Building upon the theoretical conclusion that better timekeeping can be achieved through resonance, Rudis Sylva have invented a novel physical resonance arrangement, comprising of two toothed balances linked together. While the pair are physically linked, only one of the balances is linked to the escapement, and this enables it to then provide the impulse which drives the other. As the pair work in symmetrical opposition, each instantly averages the error of the other regardless of the position of the cage which holds them.

Completing one mesmerising revolution every 60 seconds the cage itself is incredibly detailed. Crafted from titanium and with a form which recalls that of miniature weaponry, it features 28 bevelled angles, an extremely challenging technical feat due to the difficulty of rendering such decoration on this type of construction material. Flawless guilloché work on the lower part of the mainplate, which on further inspection reveals row upon row of increasingly small pyramid motifs, is an impressive and eye-pleasing inclusion.

Visually secondary to the formidable panorama of the mechanisms, the indication of the hours and minutes are represented on a classically styled off-centred display, with a handworked guilloché pyramid motif at its centre and via golden hand-made hands and Roman numerals and markers, and with an arc shaped seconds indicator on the lower dial. Creating a further multi-level aspect, beyond the hour and minute dial, one can appreciate a view of the twin barrels behind the skeletonised upper plate.

Powering the watch, the in-house manual winding calibre beats at a frequency of 21,600vph and has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. Featuring the patented invention, the “Harmonious Oscillator”, which is a world first with two toothed balances, which exhibits a resonance effect from the first oscillations, the development of this sophisticated movement and the superb finishing employed in its construction demonstrates both the flair for innovation of this exciting independent watchmaking company, and also their commitment to upholding traditional métiers d’art skills. Adhering to the artisan styling codes of the watch, the caseback also features splendid craftsmanship, with a sundial motif, hand engraving and script which serves as a reminder of the importance of time, simply stating “Ultima Forsan”.

A masterful, technically accomplished timepiece, the Rudis Sylva RS11 Pink Gold Harmonious Oscillator comes presented on a hand-stitched alligator leather strap secured with a pin buckle.

Limited edition of: Manufactured to order
Case material: 18ct pink gold
Case back: Solid 18ct white gold with vertical grain and hand-engraved sun dial with grand feu enamel
Movement: Harmonious Oscillator in-house designed and developed, 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
Case Dimension: W: 43.5mm, H: 14.5mm
Dial Colour: black with gold exposed Harmonious Oscillator regulator, guilloché engraving, guilloché hour and minutes dial
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds pointer on the Harmonious Oscillator carriage
Strap description: Hand stitched crocodile leather with 18ct pin buckle
Power reserve: 70 hours
Vendor Ref: Rudis Sylva
Watch style: Haute horlogerie
Warranty: Two year manufacturer's warranty