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From the moment we open our eyes, we are surrounded by technology. The fans, lights, television, induction stove, etc. – everything is technology around us. It is just not possible to move ahead a step further without using technology. There was a time when people used to wait for months to receive a letter from their close ones. But now we all are just a click away. If you are missing someone, just click once for a video call or text message. The cost has also reduced with time. If you crave for a piece of cake then the microwave is the solution. If you are tired and unable to wash utensils then a dishwasher is the solution. If you want to party then the music system is the solution. Technology is the ultimate solution to every problem that a human being is facing and the scientists are so alert about the same that they come up with new innovation and new solutions to every problem.

Technology has become a vital part of our daily lives, since we rely on it for all of our activities. The use of contemporary technology has made the entire civilization dependent on it. Without technology, life and commerce would grind to a halt. Technology has a positive impact on society, but it must be managed with caution. It serves a dual purpose: it is both beneficial and detrimental. It is, however, important that you do not completely rely on technology.


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