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The M.A.D. 1 is the first timepiece from Max Büsser’s new brand M.A.D. Editions. You may know Büsser as the founder of the high-end, avant-garde watch brand MB&F but M.A.D. Editions is a totally separate venture. Why two different brands? As I stated, MB&F makes extremely high-end watches built primarily to challenge the status quo, and pricing them affordably isn’t on the priority list. While Büsser loves creating the out-of-this-world timepieces that come from MB&F, he’s always had aspirations to develop more accessible pieces for the masses. But due to many different constraints, he’s never had the time or resources to create such a watch until very recently. 

This past year Büsser finally got to introduce an affordable timepiece that offered an exciting and original design like only he could with this M.A.D.1, but there’s a catch. M.A.D. Editions while a separate company still shares resources with MB&F, which is already a very small independent brand. MB&F and, by extension M.A.D. Editions simply don’t have the infrastructure to mass-produce a watch to their standards. To say “introduce” might even be a stretch. There was no press release, and no formal announcement — here’s why.

Büsser’s idea for this watch from day one was that this watch was made for friends of the brand, suppliers, partners, and existing customers of MB&F—a watch offered to them as thanks for their support over the years. It’s a fitting token of gratitude offered to people whom, without their support, neither brand would exist. However, that meant for anyone else, getting their hands on this new Büsser creation bordered on impossible (until now). This ironically led to the watch—one of modest construction and price—to become a highly exclusive timepiece.


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