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Doxa Watches

The Doxa collection of sports watches runs the gamut from professional dive watches that range from 200 meters water resistant to 4000 meters. Doxa uses strong colors such as bold orange and bright yellow for its dials and prices its watches firmly in the under $5,000 price range.

History of Doxa

Georges Ducommun founded DOXA in 1889, in the heart of Swiss watchmaking, Le Locle. He gradually built himself a reputation for increasingly skilled hands, attention to detail, and a facility to connect with customers.

Georges soon realized that to fulfill his dreams, he needed to go out on his own and founded “Georges Ducommun, Fabriques Doxa” at age 2. Doxa is the Greek name for glory, and Georges’ unique craftmanship sure gave meaning to the word. Word traveled beyond the little town of Le Locle, and his pocket watch won the “Exposition Universelle et Internationale” in Liege, Belgium, in 1905. His anti-magnetic DOXA won the gold medal at the World Fair in Milan, Italy, in 1906.

Since 1889, DOXA’s know-how is entwined with tradition and ongoing expertise. Among their many milestones, DOXA was the first brand to introduce a dive watch destined for the general public in 1967. The watch featured a unidirectional rotating bezel to both keep an eye on time spent underwater and to assure a safe ascent back to the surface. The DOXA SUB is still today part of the collection with its easily recognizable iconic orange dial.