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Discover our stunning range of handcrafted Blue Sapphire jewellery, precision set with the finest natural Blue Sapphire stones. Ranging from a delicate pale blue, to a rich royal blue, all the way to a deep midnight blue, sapphire is a regal and resplendent coloured gemstone. Sapphire is the perfect gemstone for setting in jewellery, renowned for its colour intensity, high lustre, and unique natural beauty. Also known as corundum, sapphire gains its wonderful blue colour from the presence of iron and titanium within its crystal structure. Other impurities such as oriented rutile needles in this wonderful gemstone can cause a glowing star effect known as 'asterism.'

Sapphires are the birthstone for September, and also are used to celebrate 45 year wedding anniversaries. Whether you are searching for that perfect gift or simply looking to indulge, our striking range of handmade Blue Sapphire rings, earrings, necklaces, charms and bracelets, has something to suit all occasions

Contact our dedicated team of jewellery specialists today to enquire about our bespoke Blue Sapphire jewellery, and find out all about our fantastic interest free finance options and world wide delivery service.


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Butterfly Earrings
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Butterfly Necklace
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11.79 CTS Sapphire Cushion Ring
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Sapphire Ring
Dhs. 25,000.00 Dhs. 28,000.00
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