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The other watchmaker headquartered in Schaffhausen (along with the larger and more well known IWC) is  H. Moser & Cie, founded by Heinrich Moser in 1828. Early Moser watches were made in Switzerland but marketed primarily in Russia. The original company was sold soon after its founder’s death in 1874 and folded amongst political unrest in Russia in 1918 before reappearing in Switzerland in 1953. After a series of acquisitions and a total disappearance from the market for decades, H. Moser & Cie as we know it today was formally relaunched in 2005 by the founder’s great grandson along with some private investors. Moser has garnered acclaim for its highly streamlined, minimalist aesthetic as well as its impressive technical acumen; both are on display in the watch that arguably defines the brand, its Perpetual Calendar, whose subtly complex design has been adapted into several variations since its debut. Moser is also known for being at the forefront of the gradient “fumé” dial trend that other brands have embraced in this current era of bolder colorways. Recently, Moser dipped its toe into a different arena with its Streamliner Flyback Chronograph, its unique take on both an old-timey vintage stopwatch and an integrated-bracelet sport watch, which debuted in 2020..

Founded: 1828 (Original), 2002 (Modern)

Headquarters: Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Ownership: MELB Holding Group (Meylan Family)

Notable models: Endeavour, Streamliner, Pioneer, Swiss Alp Watch

Did you know: The original Moser company’s clients in the 19th century included members of the Russian Imperial Court as well as Vladimir Lenin.


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