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Initially conceived by Bruno ("Bell") Belamich and Carlos A. ("Ross") Rosillo as a university project in 1992, Bell & Ross found its brand identity in 2005 with the creation of the BR 01 Instrument, inspired by the dashboard clock in an airplane cockpit. That distinctive aesthetic, with a squared case with visible screws framing a round dia with large, legible stenci-style numerals, has defined the collection ever since. The earliest Bell & Ross watches were made in a partnership with Sinn Watches in Germany, headed by Belamich’s design mentor, Helmut Sinn, and struggled to find an audience. An acquisition by Chanel in 2002, along with a subsequent investment in the company, gave Bell & Ross the lifeline it needed to forge a new path and attain lasting success. The BR 01 begat the smaller BR 03, which eventually gave rise to the BR 05, a recent addition to the portfolio that adapts the aviation tool-watch look into a more stylish, sporty execution, complete with an integrated bracelet. For divers, Bell & Ross offers the BR 03-92 models, which represent one of the very few ISO-rated dive watches with a waterproof square case. And those seeking a more traditional style, the company makes a line of round-cased, vintage-look timepieces called BR-V2 (the “V” denoting “vintage”). .

Founded: 1992

Headquarters: Paris, France

Ownership: Chanel (majority stake)

Notable models: BR 01, BR 05, BR 03-92 Diver

Did you know: Bell & Ross is the official supplier of watches to the French space program.


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