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Titoni Watches

Celebrating over 100 years in business, the family-owned Titoni Ltd was founded in 1919 in Grenchen, Switzerland, by Fritz Schluep. Today, the third generation runs the mid-priced brand, which has even created its own caliber in-house. Dedicated to quality and affordability, the brand’s most popular lines include the COSC-certified Master series, the Heritage, the Cosmo, and the classically elegant Airmaster.

History of Titoni

The founder of Titoni, Fritz Schluep, set up a small watch workshop in 1919 in Grenchen, Switzerland. He started with only three employees, but with hard work and a clear vision, he developed his first watches under the Felco (later: Felca) brand name. His team grew to 15 people just one year later, with sales expanding outside of Switzerland to America, Germany, and Japan.

Art Deco of the 1920s inspired his first watch models, a trend that originated in Paris and became popular. He quickly understood the need for a feminine and ladylike look, and by the 1930s, he introduced the Felca 309 715 ladies’ watch. In 1938 his son Bruno Schluep, who had trained as a master watchmaker in Le Locle, joined the company. 

Fritz Schluep started using the Titoni name in 1952, using the meihua, the plum blossom, as its logo. He passed away in 1959, leaving his son Bruno in charge of what was now a successful watch company with worldwide sales expanding as far as China and India.

Many iconic Titoni models have been introduced over the years, such as the Airmaster in 1969, the Space Star in 1983, and the Masters Series COSC in 2006. With passion and skills, the company’s watchmakers do their best to produce timepieces that reflect Titoni’s motto: “It is not the desire for growth and quantity but first-class quality and the love of details that matter.”


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