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Bomberg Watches

Relatively young in the watch world, founded in just 2013, Bomberg is all about being disruptive and different. Its quality watches offer a pioneering spirit and bold designs that capture the eye. From racing watches to women’s watches, what Bomberg produces is attitude – and a lot of it. Most of its collections are created in limited runs and typically embrace excitement and daring.

History of Bomberg

Founded in 2012 by Rick De La Croix in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Bomberg is a young and innovative watch brand with deep connections to the Swiss luxury watch industry. Known for its bold and innovative designs, Bomberg reinterprets watchmaking in a new artistic way and completely rewrites traditional watchmaking rules by creating unusual timepieces. Bomberg watches helped resurrect an industry that needed fresh ideas by providing a vision that resonated with clients seeking a new perspective.

The brand evolved from a watch brand into a lifestyle brand in 2018, when David Sanchez, a watch industry veteran, was appointed CEO. By creating products that combine traditional watchmaking with Bomberg’s rebellious and provocative style, Bomberg set a new niche for the brand targeting millennials. To appeal to this younger generation of watch lovers, Bomberg focused on the most logical issue, affordability. The result is outstanding, affordable luxury watches between 1000 USD and 3000 USD.

Bomberg has become synonymous with courage, design, and creativity. The company is growing steadily and sells more than 10,000 watches each year, which is a testament to the success of Bomberg’s artistic expression.