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Tutima Glashütte Watches

German watch brand Tutima is a family-owned and operated brand that was founded in 1927 in Glashütte and has enjoyed a rich history in aviation and building pilot watches for several military organizations. Even today, it is a partner of the German Aero Club. It also partners in America with Sean Tucker at the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety.  Following the reunification of Germany, Tutima re-established its manufacture in the Saxony region. Its collections run the gamut from the beloved Saxon Chronograph to the M2, the Grand Flieger, and the coveted Patria.

History of Tutima Glashütte

The history of Tutima began in Glashütte. This legendary watchmaking region is a name synonymous with high-quality timepieces. As early as 1845, Ferdinand Adolph Lange trained the first group of apprentices to become watchmakers in the former mining community of Glashütte. Over the years, a horological industry came to life, and the timepieces from Glashütte gained international recognition. By the turn of the twentieth-century precision, pocket watches from Glashütte were considered exclusive and coveted by many.

After WWI, the market for expensive precision watches collapsed, and a decade of turbulence and change followed. In 1926 Dr. Ernst Kunz entered the picture and convinced the bank to finance the founding of UROFA (Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glashütte AG) and UFAG (Uhrenfabrik Glashütte AG). He had several groundbreaking restructuring plans, which resulted in a shift from pocket watches to serially produced wristwatches.



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