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Frenchman Robert Greubel and Brit Stephen Forsey teamed up to establish this Swiss brand that occupies the highest echelon of complicated watchmaking in 2004. Greubel Forsey made an instant splash with the high-horology aficionado set by introducing the world’s first watch with two tourbillons and has pushed the envelope of innovation ever since. Many of its signature timepieces, all of which are made in very limited quantities, feature tourbillons in various creative iterations, including watches with as many as four of them, i.e., the Quadruple Tourbillon à Differentiel introduced in 2008, which connects two double tourbillons rotating at different speeds by a clever differential device. In recent years, Greubel Forsey has applied its distinctive design aesthetic and award-winning chronometric technology to other categories of timepieces, like the eye-catching GMT Sport, with a super-complex global time indication and a new, ergonomically curved sporty case. 

Founded: 2004

Headquarters: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Ownership: Privately owned (Richemont,  20% stake)

Notable models: Double Tourbillon 30º, Quadruple Tourbillon, GMT, QP à Équation

Did you know: In 2012, Greubel Forsey teamed with independent watchmaker Philippe Dufour to kick off the "Birth of a Watch" project, an initiative to preserve the knowledge and practice of traditional watchmaking practices in danger of being lost to industrialization.


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c GMT Balancier Convexe
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