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Dewitt Watches Brand History

The company headquarters are located in Meyrin, Geneva. DeWitt is a fully-fledged watch Manufacture that is both independent and self-sufficient in terms of production, where high-end watch movements are produced and developed by hand. Offering over 5000 square-metres of surface spread over three floors, with 60 employees, the DeWitt Manufacture houses all traditional watchmaking activities, from design right through to production and quality control. A dedicated R & D department operates upstream to transform all innovative ideas and creative inspirations. Dewitt can count on a team of extremely well trained and specialized prototypists, watchmakers and dial makers, whose knowledge and skill are by far the company's most valuable asset. In order to fully integrate the extremely complex know-how required for manufacturing its dials in-house, the Manufacture DeWitt employs some ten specialists: electrotypers, painters, setters and others who contribute every day to perfect their creations. The interplay of light and levels, sophisticated constructions and exquisite assemblies give DeWitt timepieces undisputed aesthetic power. Furthermore, DeWitt is committed to perpetuating ancestral watchmaking traditions, as it is now one of the few remaining brands who practice the refined art of guilloche engraving on historical 18th and 19th century rose engines.


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