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Brellum Watches

An independent brand, Brellum has roots dating back to 1885, and is currently led by a fourth-generation Muller family member. The brand creates quality watches with classical yet contemporary appeal. It uses mechanical automatic movements that are official chronometers certified  by the COSC

History of Brellum

Brellum is a young independent watch brand founded by Sébastien Muller in 2016. They produce high-quality timepieces in a small town in Switzerland called Porrentruy. Sébastien is the 4th generation of the Muller family to embrace his calling.

He trained as a watchmaking apprentice but after that, spent 25 years dedicating himself to the acquisition of diverse skills in roles such as Product, Quality, or Production manager in a host of world-famous watchmaking companies. Throughout his career, he developed hundreds of watch models and produced millions of watches.

Brellum Swiss watchmaking came to be because Sébastien longed to return to his original watchmaking roots. He wanted to produce high-quality timepieces using quality materials and reliable automatic movements, fully adorned and officially certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC).