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David Candaux was born in the Vallée de Joux, cradle of the  high-end Swiss watchmaking. David has been in the watchmaking environment since he was born. Just like his grandfather was,  David’s father is also a master watchmaker who specialized in  high complications for Patek Philippe. Thanks to him, David  discovered and fell in love with the atmosphere of the workshops  permeated by the work rhythm made of concentration, silence,  and quietness. 

David has almost 25 years of experience in watchmaking. 

David’s “First Eight” series were immediately sold out to collectors. They will be never built with similar aesthetics again.  

There are currently two models David manufactures: The DC 1  which is based on the “First Eight”, and the DC 6 “Half Hunter”  which is more of a contemporary design. The masterpiece series  of the DC 1 model starts in a steel case, the DC 6 model starts in  Titanium. In 2021, a brand new model DC 7 Genesis will be  released.  


The aesthetic of a D. Candaux timepiece results from the study of  its appearance combined with its functionality and feature.  Amongst other things, the fluidity of the design rests upon the  absence of asperities. David chooses a contemporary design that  is standing out thanks to standards similar to the ones of the car  industry or the aviation industry. 

David gives importance in particular to the interaction between  the wearer and their timepiece. The time setting and winding of  the movement are executed thanks to a never heard of retractable  crown, especially created for this model. To wear the timepiece is  thus more comfortable and the interaction it generates is truly  original.  


David welcomes his clients to his workshop to service their  timepieces and exchange experiences. Aside from service, he  offers a unique 10-year warranty for all his creations.  


Keeping in mind David’s philosophy of producing only hand knowledge extends from the history of watchmaking and restoration of antic pieces, to the creation of highly complicated  contemporary timepieces. 

David is a creative watchmaking craftsman who designs and  produces each of the D. Candaux creations. He thoroughly  executes the decoration, assembly, and setting of all his timepieces by hand.  


David establishes new bridges linking together the past and the  future of watchmaking. His exceptional career path provides him  the required foundation and mastery to conceive timepieces with  innovatively-designed traditional mechanisms. He is one of the  very few to embrace this approach that is only cherished by a few  watchmaking craftsmen. 

For the sake and love of true watchmaking, David always uses the  noblest materials, most performing tools, and the sharpest skills in  order to design and make each of his timepieces. 

All timepieces handmade by D. Candaux represent a “state of the  watchmaking art”. Each piece is created to embody the last word  in the current mechanical watchmaking  industry.


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