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Hermes Watches

Established in 1912, the Hermes is one of the longstanding watch brands that has ever existed. Hermes is not only known for its amazing collection of watches but is also a specialist in producing lifestyle accessories, perfumes, home furnishings as well as jewelry. Along with an elegant touch, the Hermes watches are well crafted and designed to fit as one's daily watch.

History of Hermes Watches

Hermes has not always been a watchmaker, in fact, the Hermes' business did not start with building timepieces. The connection between Hermes and watchmaking sets back to a time that has been over a century. It all began in the year 1912 and since then it has released its Hermes watches in a countless different inventive, elegant and unique ways.

Hermes is popularly known for its saddle-stitch and it shares a long, although a subtle, relationship with the horology world. Hermes watchmaking business was bought to notice when Emile Hermes' daughter, Jacqueline was seen wearing a pocket watch on her wrist that was equipped with a special and unique strap made by the in-house saddle making and leather artisans.

In the year 1928, the Hermes store that was located at 24, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, introduced its very first Hermes watch. It was then, that they extended their business in the field of watchmaking and the Hermes watch was offered with the Hermes signature and armed with mechanisms that were created by the greatest Swiss watch brands.

Hermes took its own time to establish Hermes watch business. It was only after a period of 50 years, in 1978, a branch for watchmaking was created for the department of La Montre Hermès in Bienne, which is located at the very heart of the Swiss watch industry. Since the foundation of this branch, Hermes has continued to develop its selection of Hermes watches along with consecutively incorporating its horological skills.

In 2003, Hermes came with a unique watch collection that was regarded as the Hermes Dressage watch. This selection of Hermes watches was furnished with a movement that was manufactured by Vaucher, and since then the focus of La Montre Hermès also reflected its interest in the field of producing and developing its own watch movements. To further initiate this idea, Hermes in 2006 established a workshop that was exclusively built for the making of leather watch brands, therefore Hermes became the only industry that crafts and creates its own watch straps.

Hermes has recently made a partnership with Vaucher Manufacture in Fleurier so that they can build them the movements and with Joseph Erard SA in Le Noirmont for manufacturing the cases of their watch.

Hermes is popularly known for its unique selection of luxury watches. It has always build creative timepieces that are matchless and incomparable. With an innovative and inventive design, the Hermes watches are simply one of a kind. So let's take a look at some of its popular timepieces.

Dressage L'heure masquée
This selection of Hermes watches offers a time value which is a great escape to seize the moments that genuinely counts. It is armed with features that are undeniably amongst the most beautiful ones. The hour hand of the Hermes watch stays hidden behind the continuously moving minute hand, and only appears when the crown is deliberately pressed. The dress watch also consists of a second-time-zone window, which can be seen when the pressure is released on the button that is equipped against the crown.

The Hermes Dressage L'heure masquée comes in two series, one in gold and the other in steel. The case size of these watches are measured as 40.5 x 38.4 mm and is built with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It is equipped with the self-winding mechanical movement and carries the Hermès H1925 calibre. With a power reserve of 45 hours, it is also water resistant up to 50 meters. The leather watch is placed on an alligator strap with folding clasp, which provides the wearer with utmost comfort.

Hermes Heure H watch
The Hermes H watch collection is one of the most iconic watches that has ever been released by the brand. This Hermes H watch selection holds a flash of brilliance with its ‘H-shaped' dial. It is one of the selections that hold Hermes ladies watches as well as Hermes mens watches. The Hermes H watch is released in two case materials, one is gold plated and the other one is built in steel. These watches are not only available in varied colors of the dial but also consists of colorful straps and bracelets. The case size of the Heure H watches range from 17.7 * 17.7 mm to 30.5 * 30.5 mm, thus the wearer can pick the Hermes watch suiting his or her requirements.
The best part about this Hermes watch is its feature of interchangeable straps, hence you can select from a wide range of strap design, color, and material and make your watch match with your everyday looks.

Hermes provides a watch collection that is not only unique and innovative but is also available in a very pocket-friendly range. The Hermes watch price usually starts from $2,975, thus go ahead and shop for your Hermes watch today. With its bright and colorful collection, you can opt for several watches to chic your personality and style.


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