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Delma Watches

A family-owned company since 1924, Delma has always focused on offering highly functional watches at reasonable prices. It created its first chronograph in 1946, its first racing timepiece with tachymeter in 1954, and its first dive watch in 1969. Today, Delma continues to create sporty, useful tool watches for diving, racing, and more.

History of Delma

A. & A. Gilomen S.A. was founded in 1924 by two brothers, Adolf and Albert Gilomen, in Lengnau, Switzerland. The first recorded appearance of the Delma logo on a pocket or wristwatch was in 1933, followed by the first chronograph in 1946. It appears in records under the name Midland and marked the beginning of Delma’s sports watch collection.

The company was renamed Delma Watch Ltd. in 1966, following a takeover by Ulrich Wüthrich & Partner. Today the company operates worldwide and is present in over 80 countries. They are known for their excellent price to performance ratio and attractive models.