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Patron of Art Homage to Albert Limited Edition 888 Fountain Pen

Dhs. 30,000.00


The Montblanc Patron of Art Edition in 2022 is dedicated to Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. The Limited Edition 888 is a remarkable couple edition, one edition is honouring Queen Victoria and another one her consort Prince Albert. The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Albert Limited Edition 888 is celebrating Prince Albert and his great achievements. The fountain pen comes with a cap and barrel made from grey translucent lacquer and a solid Au 750 signature gold skeleton overlay. The skeleton is inspired by the crystal palace which Albert built and where he held "The Great Exhibition" in 1851. The grey colour is a tribute to the tartan that Albert had created himself for Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The fittings are platinum-coated. The clip shape is a tribute to his wife's sceptre and is adorned with a red garnet. The cap top is inspired by the crystal palace's dome and is adorned with the Montblanc emblem made from mother-of-peal. While the cap ring bears just like a wedding band the engraving of "Albert" and their wedding date, a special engraving decorates the cone. As an homage to his personal coat of arms, the handcrafted solid Au 750 gold bi-colour nib bears an embossing inspired by the coat of arms of Saxony. With signature gold and/or signature gold-coating, Montblanc describes the enlightened shade of yellow gold which has become an appreciated tone for the Maison’s Writing Instruments.

 No. MB127872