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The Merchant Of Venice Suave Petals Eau De Perfume Spray 100ml

Dhs. 950.00

The fragrance Suave Petals is coloured in a velvety pink pattern that resembles the delicate femininity of the Rose and Peach blossoms contained in it. The round feminine shape is further embellished with a golden tassel around its neck and an elegant white semi-transparent cap that remind the trading activity of La Serenissima through the wind rose engraved in it.
The delicate bottle of Suave Petals perfume recalls the ancient Murano glass. Thanks to the pink color, it recalls the femininity and delicacy of the Peach blossoms contained in the fragrance.
Suave Petals is inspired by the "Muda delle Acque Morte" trade route.
The Muda delle Acque Morte went from Venice, through the entire Western Mediterranean and to reach the Spanish coasts between Occitania, where the port of Aigues Mortes is located, and Barcelona to Valencia. This was the trade route connecting the Serenissima to the French and Aragonese port cities. Among the spices that were imported into Venice for cosmetic use, there were Melissa, Rosa Moscadine, Canestrello, Lavender and Clamento Aromatico.

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Fragance: Eau de Parfum
- Texture/Format: Spray