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Perle Noire yellow gold Tahitian pearl Emerald drop pendant

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18ct yellow gold and black Tahitian pearl pendant. Set with a rare 10mm grade A Tahitian pearl and 2.20ct Emerald

The Perle Noir Collection

For centuries, French Polynesia has been man’s mythical paradise, and rare black Tahitian pearls have long been considered ‘jewels of the ocean.’ In Polynesian mythology, they were also a symbol of love, gifted by the gods to princesses and, in more recent times, considered a symbol of Royalty. Throughout the world they are coveted because of the magical play of colour and iridescence as light is refracted through them. They perfectly reflect the beauty of the south seas emphasising the array of iridescent colours. Tahitian pearls are also the largest of the pearls as the warm seas of the South Pacific and the size of the oysters increases the nacre growth.

Perle Noire is the new luxurious collection inspired by exotic voyages and the Art Deco movement. It is an expression of luxury and a celebration of the treasures of the ocean. The collection reflects Ana de Costa’s passion for gemstones and international travel, which inspired her to travel to French Polynesia. Here she sourced the black pearls directly from their origin to ensure quality and provenance. This combination of exclusively selected gemstones, exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite design, define the uniqueness of Perle Noire